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Kidscape Campaign For Children's Safety

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£ 0 out of £ 49000

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Create job access for all
Resume Foundation


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£ 0 out of £ 700000

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Poet In the City


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£ 0 out of £ 50000

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Follow your head, and open your heart.

Our community is committed to changing the face of philanthropy from one of doubt, uncertainty and opacity, to one of transparency, trust, and efficiency.

At Maanch we provide all the reporting, accountability and metrics that you need to make informed decisions about the causes you support. We drill down into national and global data, and give you the opportunity to move the needle on the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Breaking down charities according to the SDGs they achieve means that you can select charities based on the change that you want to see in the world, not just the program or activity.

We are uniquely placed to build a picture of how collective philanthropy can impact a global movement by measuring the impact of donations through the lens of the SDGs.

What are the SDGs?


The UN Sustainable Development goals are seventeen digestible and achievable aims grouped into the five pillars of people, planet, prosperity, peace and partnership. The SDGs were launched in 2015 and have clear goals to be achieved by 2030. They outline a global movement to build a sustainable future for people and planet.

The SDGs provide a simple, effective way of communicating outcomes, backed up by rich data. Countries report annually against xxx indicators, which the UN uses to create an annual SDG readiness score, with the hope this score will increase year on year as new initiatives are implemented. We use this data as the baseline of our algorithm, and overlay our community’s giving to show the direct impact of each donor.

In the quest for a universal and reliable framework to measure philanthropic impact, we believe the SDGs provide the most holistic global guidelines for building a sustainable future.

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